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Grand Velas Riviera Maya Green Initiatives

Surrounded by 86 acres of exuberant jungle, mangroves and fresh water cenotes, Grand Velas Riviera Maya has been meticulously designed to exist harmoniously with this beautiful, fragile environment. With 491 world-class suites, gourmet restaurants and bars, convention centers, state of the art fitness center and a sumptuous spa, we are keenly aware of how our presence affects the environment and its eco-systems. We make it our priority to safeguard and reduce our impact through the implementation, operation and continual evaluation of the management and preservation of our environment.
As a significant source of employment in the area, Grand Velas Riviera Maya promotes the professional development of our employees and works with local suppliers who engage in environmentally sound practices. We adhere to the highest standards of waste reduction by establishing protocols that are reflected in our use of eco-friendly products and renewable resources, and the overall management of our installations. And because we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment for present and future generations, we use the following proven guidelines to maintain the health of the natural world:
  • We conserve water and energy by rationing the use of both of these natural resources
  • Our Co-generation Electricity Plants allow us to reduce dependency on local and country-wide energy sources, and our two Reverse-Osmosis Desalting Plants make our operation self-sufficient, eliminating the need to rely upon local and regional natural resources; for every liter of potable water we are able to re-use 600 milliliters for general purposes, while 400 milliliters are returned to the subsoil, aiding in the conservation of the environment
  • Our laundry facilities include a water treatment plant that efficiently filters soapy waters to then be used in the rinsing process, saving 30% of all water used in the entire laundry process
  • Our residual water treatment facility receives and processes all the water from the entire resort, which is then used for the watering of all exterior gardens and surrounding mangroves and jungle
  • Our state of the art air-conditioning system reduces contaminating emissions and energy consumption
  • We clean and preserve our beaches, helping to keep them free of marine debris and litter
  • We take part in the Federal Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • We reduce amounts of solid waste by separating recyclable and non-recyclable materials
  • We respect and comply with the environmental standards of municipal, state and national laws, and abide by the ethical codes of the World Tourism Organization
  • We use biodegradable products for cleaning and maintenance of our property and surrounding landscape
  • Within our first year of operation, we reforested the surrounding areas with over 18,000 trees, helping to protect the native flora and fauna of the region
  • We continually convey information to our employees regarding the importance of using sustainable resources
  • We invite business associates and guests to participate in the environmentally conscientious practices used by our hotel and world-renowned organizations, including Earth Check.
  • We continually involve our employees in training sessions, keeping them up-to-date regarding the use of environmental policies and practices
  • We participate in the development of the community through the implementation of literacy and higher education programs, fund-raising activities, conservation projects and special events, as well as providing our employees with an on-site daycare facility
  • Our restaurants offer menus with vegetarian dishes prepared with locally grown organic ingredients
  • We do not offer dishes prepared with animals on the endangered species lists
  • We do an annual audit of the achievements of our environmental objectives and policies, and establish new goals for the continual development of sustainable development