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Let's celebrate Mexico's Independence in Velas Resorts style

By: David Medina / 21 Jul 2023
Let's celebrate Mexico's Independence in Velas Resorts style

In Mexico, the celebration of Independence Day is a grand event filled with colors, flavors, traditions, and rich history. It is always an honor to share a piece of this festivity with locals and foreigners alike, so Velas Resorts has already started preparing for the weekend of September 16th. So, let's glimpse the experiences you can enjoy if you visit some of the destinations where the resorts are located. Shall we begin the journey?


Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit
We start at Velas Vallarta, where from September 15th to 17th, you can indulge in live music, traditional cuisine, and typical dances. The menu will include classic and delicious dishes like chiles en nogada, tamales, a variety of tacos, and authentic Mexican salsas. The festive atmosphere will be enhanced with the presence of an all-female mariachi band, and to fully immerse in the celebration, there will be a regional dance performance. Additionally, guests can delight in tasting stations offering local treats such as cajeta, tamarind sweets, and churros.


Photos by Velas Resorts​​​
Photos by Velas Resorts









At the exclusive adults-only property, Casa Velas, you will be pleasantly surprised with the traditional chiles rellenos served at their Emiliano restaurant.

Meanwhile, guests can enjoy a festive cocktail and regional dishes at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit while admiring the beautiful sunset.


Los Cabos
In Grand Velas Los Cabos, you'll have the opportunity to learn about traditional Mexican cuisine through a special cooking class and savor a tequila tasting. Furthermore, you'll experience an authentic Mexican fair with games like lotería (Mexican bingo), a mechanical bull, ring toss, marbles, and more, all accompanied by lively live music.



Riviera Maya
Grand Velas Riviera Maya will join the celebration with a spectacular Mexican fiesta, showcasing ancestral cocktails and a beautiful dance performance representing the local culture in all its splendor. As if more were needed, the acclaimed Frida restaurant will offer a special menu featuring the traditional Mexican dish: chiles en nogada.


Photo by Velas Resorts


This Mexico's Independence Day will be an unforgettable experience at Velas Resorts! We invite you to join the festivities and immerse yourself in the rich Mexican culture.

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