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Your Riviera Maya Travel Guide

As sweet as honey: Taking care of bees

Named “The World’s Most Important Animals” by the Royal Geographical Society of London and the Earthwatch Institute, bees play a vital role in the pollination cycle involved in the production of over 75% of the food we consume globally. Pollination supports crop production, wild plant diversity, ecosystem balance, healthy soils, and the clean air we breathe. Butterflies, birds such as hummingbirds, and bats are added to this work.

Pot mole: a Mexican flavor you’ll love

Mole is an emblematic meal most Mexican families enjoy preparing at home. It is undoubtedly one of the culinary creations that represent this country, as people prepare it on almost any occasion, such as festivals, special events, or in their daily life.

The step by step of your dream wedding

We know your wedding is one of the most important moments you will have. Of course, you want everything to be perfect, but at the same time, you want to avoid the stress of planning or getting more out of your budget. For this reason, your best alliance will be a Wedding Planner and with much more reasonable if you are thinking of celebrating a destination wedding. Discover the advantages that our Velas Weddings Specialists share with us.

A journey through Mexican tamales

The apparently simple preparation of this dish —consisting of a portion of maize dough mixed with other ingredients such as iguana, shrimp, beans or fish, and later wrapped in a corn or banana leaf, and steamed—, required the development of instruments such as stone scrapers to remove corn kernels; pichanchas or clay pots with perforations to rinse the nixtamal; to grind the grain, metates; and to cook the dough, pots that resisted the heat, and lids.

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