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Sen Lin

Asian Fine Dining Restaurant In Riviera Maya
Experience an eclectic explosion of Asian fusion at one of the top-rated Asian restaurants in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Sen Lin welcomes you with a casually elegant, family-friendly atmosphere every evening. Enjoy traditional dishes with modern flair from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.
Enjoy traditional music and a unique ambiance as you sample each dish of inspiring cuisine. Located in the Zen Grand ambiance, Sen Lin is considered one of the finest restaurants of its kind and is open to all ages. Advance reservation is required.
Sen Lin Restaurant - Grand Velas Riviera Maya
Sen Lin
Sen Lin takes diners on a journey through the culinary traditions of Asia. Immersed in the jungle, the restaurant highlights the mysticism of the Riviera Maya, offering new aromas and flavors.
CuisineAsian Fusion
AmbianceZen Grand
Age GroupFamily Friendly
Hours6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Phone1 877 418 2963

Resort casual. Flip-flops, gym, or beach clothes are not allowed. The dress code applies to teens 16 and over.

Restaurants operating hours and days may vary. Please check with your Concierge.

Embark on a savory adventure. Enjoy exotic dishes like tender softshell crab marinated in roasted garlic and breaded in tempura, marinated duck in ten spices served with warm plum sauce, and angus beef scallops with rice noodles, vegetables and a lightly spiced peanut sauce.
Traditional desserts like coconut and sesame-crusted fried banana, served with ice cream are the perfect way to wrap up the evening.
Chef Jhonatan de Jesús Oy Pech

Meet the Chef

Chef Jhonatan de Jesús Oy Pech
Originally from Izamal, Yucatan, Jhonatan moved to Playa del Carmen at the age of 22 to study at Universidad Tecnológica de la Riviera Maya, where he got a bachelor's degree in Gastronomy. 

Meals on TV and pictures awakened his passion for cooking since he was a kid, as he used to recreate them employing his colors and flavors. Before Jhonatan started his culinary studies, he decided to work in related areas to know the gastronomic industry widely. And Don Cafeto, a popular restaurant in Tulum, was his first approach to professional cooking. 

Chef Issac Esparza, the previous chef of Sen Lin at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, was his university professor. He invited Jonathan to be part of the team at the resort, where he began to develop his culinary abilities in Asian cuisine. 

In 2017, Executive Chef Wayu "Light" Wattanakamin (Master Chef in Thailand) joined Sen Lin, and during that period, Jhonatan started to learn about traditional Thai cuisine. He participated in popular events, including "The best of Asia," where he worked alongside renowned Asian chefs and during the Sen Lin 4-Diamond accolade. His professional experience at Grand Velas Riviera Maya allowed him to take part in the Lucca and Frida restaurants, both located in the same resort. 

In 2022, he was invited to become Executive Chef at Sen Lin, where he created his menu with traditional Asian flavors. His modern touch delights guests' palates as his meals make them feel like they're enjoying a traditional creation, from a pad thai (similar to Mexican tacos in Thailand) to a Peking duck.

Jhonatan describes his cuisine as "fresh and aromatic ingredients with intense and explosive flavors.".