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Cocina de Autor

"Cooking with thoughts, eating with feelings"
Through a constant search of tastes, smells and textures in our environment, we offer a sensorial, playful and creative experience, in which we draw a single route to demonstrate the purity and essence of new flavors, created based on our experiences.

The Author Cuisine requires thoroughness research and imagination to capture our environment and translate it into each dish. The restaurant Cocina de Autor offers a free and relaxed gastronomic tour that reflects the culture and the life around us.

Author Cuisine has evolved towards Mexican and Caribbean food; becoming a creative and free gastronomy that looks at the world and, especially, it does not reinterpret popular classics.
Grand Class Section
16+ Welcome
Elegant-Casual (collared shirt, trousers and closed footwear for men; dresses, skirts, or evening trousers for women; beach sandals, tank tops and shorts are not permitted).
Open from 6:00pm - 11:00pm Seasonal Open*