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A Near Playa del Carmen is a vast network of underground caves, cenotes and rivers, hidden away from the light of day. Many tourists visit the Yucatan Peninsula never knowing of the existence of this magical place. Rio Secreto gives everyone a chance to explore this amazing underground place with fun guided tours of a crystal clear river that flows silently past stalactites and stalagmites that took millenia to form. It is easy to join the adventure by simply hopping on a convenient collectivo or hiring a private taxi. Rio Secreto is across the main road from Xcaret & Xplor.
A Your Rio Secreto adventure will have you descending ladders, hiking and swimming in close proximity to natural structures that took centuries to form. Many surfaces are also slippery, making it important that your hands are free so that you can focus on safety. For that reason and to protect the natural features of the caves, you are not permitted to bring cameras or video equipment into the cave. But don't worry! We have professional photographic equipment and lighting in the caves to safely capture every minute of your adventure. These photographs are available for purchase.